The Village: Farmers’ and Artisan’s Market

What is a great way to spend your Sunday morning in Claremont? I’d say a brunch at Pomona’s Frank dining hall followed by the farmers market in the village.

On Harvard Street, there are booths scattered on both sides of the street. You will find yourself surrounded by a wide range of merchandise, from paintings to honey. The vendors will often offer you a cup of fresh juice or a sample of cheese as you stroll through the street. At the intersection of Harvard and First Street, there is a booth full of succulents. You will likely find the succulent of your dream there: in addition to various shapes, there is also a wide range of sizes. It is not a bad idea to shop for these with a group of friends, as you could usually get discounts if you get more than one plant and it comes down to less than two dollars.

I find the market enjoyable everytime I visit, even as a Claremont local who grew up here. I would definitely recommend this as one of the first stops you make when you explore the village. Also, I would recommend bringing some cash with you when you visit the market, to avoid transaction fee for credit cards.

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