November Crossword – Mudd Buildings

by Kishore Rajesh Across 1 Laugh 4 Mudd Building 8 Stoichiometric Measurement 13 A place to find minerals 14 Western necktie consisting of a cord and a clasp 15 Skeletal Element of Sea Animal (anagram of CREELS) 16 Sheet for animation (abbr) 17 “Somebody once ___ me” 18 Op 84 of Beethoven (anagram of MONGET) 19 Glottal Stop in Arabic 21 P in MPH 22 New York Art Building 23 Old Dinosaurs? 25 Al, George’s opponent 26 Wedding vow (2 words) 27 Mudd Building 30 ___ Z, or Zoomers 32 Prefix for earth-saving devices 33 A Gaul or a Briton, … Continue reading November Crossword – Mudd Buildings

Red Wine and His Hands

by Claire Boege

Victoria Oxley did not do what most famous women do when they catch their husbands cheating. She didn’t scream or confront him. She didn’t go to the tabloids or the news. She didn’t undergo a messy divorce or a messier reconciliation. At first, she did so little about it that her husband didn’t even know she had caught him.

But that was only at first. Continue reading Red Wine and His Hands

An image of Kingston Hall in the evening.

OPINION: HMC Admin Must Do Better in Addressing Student Needs

by Bhavana Bheem

“Just stop caring and stop trying and it won’t be as hard.” These are usually the words of a second-semester senior trying to coast through the last few weeks of classes. However, for far too many Harvey Mudd students, these words instead reflect a growing frustration and apathy toward the HMC administration. Continue reading OPINION: HMC Admin Must Do Better in Addressing Student Needs