The Village: Saying Goodbye to The Junction

One of our writers recently took a trip to The Junction, a restaurant in the Claremont Village where students, faculty, and staff would often go for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, between the time of his review article being written and right now, the restaurant closed down. So we have posted the review here as an encouragement to go explore new places and new restaurants, since you never know when they might close down. Continue reading The Village: Saying Goodbye to The Junction

Claremont Weekend Activities

Claremont Walking Distance Weekend Activities! Do you consider yourself a busy student? Do you work hard all week, hoping that your sweat, blood, and tears will pay off in the form of weekend free time? Do you want to go out on the weekends, but don’t believe that you truly have enough time to enjoy yourself? Well, you might not have a whole day off to travel to Los Angeles, but I bet you have at least a couple hours to enjoy yourself! Listed below are a several food-places, bars, shops, parks, and free activities worth checking out — ALL … Continue reading Claremont Weekend Activities