Meet the E-Board

Meet the Editorial Board of The Muddraker! We work hard to bring you all kinds of Harvey Mudd-related content in a nice format.

Michelle Lum


Hi there! I’m Michelle, and I’m one of the Editors-in-chief of The Muddraker. I’m a sophomore planning to major in CS & Media Studies. I love climbing and baking, as well as tennis, books (When Breath Becomes Air is a must-read), and carbs (go Panera’s honey wheat bread!). I’m also building a collection of light blue things. Follow @humansofmudd on Instagram, like Humans of Mudd on Facebook, and visit the blog — it would mean a lot to me ❤

Shivani Manivasagan


Hello! I’m Shivani (Class of 2025), and I’m one of the Editors-in-Chief of The Muddraker. I’m pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Environment, Economics, & Politics. In my free time, I love reading (big fan of memoirs and mysteries), playing games with friends, watching K-dramas (highly recommend Flower of Evil), going on long walks, and cooking!

Avani Anne


Hi! My name is Avani & I’m one of the co-editors at the Muddraker! I’m a sophomore, currently undecided, but leaning towards some combination of CS, physics, & media studies. In my free time, I really enjoy reading, listening to music, playing intramurals, telling anti-jokes, & watching horrible movies with my friends! 

Alina Saratova

Managing Editor

What is up gamers, my name is Alina Saratova and I am Managing Editor at The Muddraker. I am going to major in Math and Computer Science (maybe), and I’m in the Class of 2023. Outside of Muddraker, I am part of the Prank Club, Journey to Space, and Sunrise Movement. When I am not drowning in homework, I enjoy playing my instruments, playing board games, and reading random Wikipedia articles. Follow me on Insta and Twitter!

Daniela Sechen

Chief of Design

I’m Daniela, and I’m a potential CS-Math major! My hobbies include doing math p-sets far in advance, lifting weights, and aggressively stanning Taylor Swift. In addition to being Chief of Design at The Muddraker, I’m a member of the 5C club field hockey team and the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company (I love my roommates <3). And contrary to popular belief, I do like cake.

Waverly Wang

Chief of Design

Hi! I’m Waverly and I’m one of the Chiefs of Design at The Muddraker. I’m a potential CS or Media Studies major in the Class of 2023. I love drawing and creating hand-drawn animations. The dream is to become a Disney animator. In my “free time” at Mudd, I love playing piano, playing violin in the Claremont Concert Orchestra, watching Harry Potter movies, and reading film reviews. Check out my art blog.

Becca Verghese

Chief of Design

Hi! I’m Becca, class of 2024, and I am a one of the Chiefs of Design for Muddraker. I am a CS-Math major with a concentration in Arabic. I love reading (especially Agatha Christie), watching cheesy Bollywood movies, and cooking. I also really enjoy playing the violin the Claremont Joint Orchestra.

Kaitlynn Gray

Chief of Design

Hello! My name is Kaitlynn and I’m a Chief of Design for the Muddraker. Currently, I am leaning towards double majoring in Computer Science and Media Studies. My hobbies include reading Webtoons, creating graphic designs, drawing, and spending time at the HIVE. You may see me around in the Hoch ice cream line or helping to run events with the DSA Muchachos!

Isabel Godoy

Chief of Design

Hello! My name is Isabel Godoy, and I am a Chief of Design for the Muddraker. I am a first-year student at Mudd, planning to major in Computer Science and Physics. I like acrylic painting, photography, video games, and weightlifting! You’ll usually find me working hard on schoolwork or research, while sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Katheryn Wang

Chief of Business

Hey lovelies, I’m Katheryn Wang, and I’m a Chief of Business for The Muddraker! I’m a senior double majoring in Engineering and History, and I’ve been part of The Muddraker since my frosh year. I’m currently learning Italian on Duolingo, to mitigate my disappointment after I finished the Latin course and to prepare for my dream of studying Renaissance engineering.

Serena Mao

Chief of Business

Hey! I’m Serena (Class of 2025), and I’m a Chief of Business at The Muddraker this semester. I’m intending to major in computer science, but I also love exploring my creative and non-STEM side through writing, art, and argument. Miscellaneous fun facts about myself: I’m related to J. L. Atwood, I was born with eleven fingers, and I love making up fun facts about myself.

Shreya Balaji

Chief of Business

Hi there! I’m Shreya (Class of 2025), and this semester, I’m a Chief of Business at The Muddraker. I’m a Computer Science and Math major concentrating in Classical Dance. I love to fly single-engine land planes (Cessna-172s, specifically) at Cable Airport (a small airport near Mudd!) with my private pilot license, dance Bharatanatyam, and take care of all my plants and the HMC legacy snake Rosie!

Mikayla Mann

Chief of Photography

Hey there! I’m Mikayla Mann (class of 2025), and I’m a Chief of Photography for the Muddraker. I’m planning to be an engineering major with an emphasis in biology, which means you can catch me proctoring in the machine shop this year! When I’m not on my zealous quest to make Mudd look as beautiful as possible through photography, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a young adult fantasy novel, playing intramural volleyball, or fervently tending to my ever-growing succulent garden. I’m also guilty of being a huge Swiftie and indie-rock junkie. I’m super excited to be a part of the Muddraker team!

Lea Twicken

Chief of Photography

Hey!  I’m Lea and a chief of photography for the Muddraker.  I’m a sophomore majoring in Mathematical and Computational Biology, and intend to concentrate in Public Policy. Outside of academics I love photography (duh!), reading, music, and beating my friends at various card games.

Rebecca Preis


Hi!  I’m Rebecca, class of 2025, and one of the webmasters for The Muddraker!  I plan to major in engineering, probably with some kind of art concentration.  I love making stuff (laser cutting, sewing, jewelry), animals, drumming, baking, and attempting to beat Lea at various card games.

David Aguirre


Hey everyone! I’m David and I’m one of the Webmasters for the Muddraker this year. I’m a sophomore planning to major in Engineering with a concentration in Music. Outside of academics and the Muddraker, I enjoy playing the trumpet, gaming on the Nintendo Switch, collecting LEGO sets, and playing board games with friends!

Ruby Foxall


Welcome to our site! I’m Ruby Foxall and I’m one of the Webmasters at The Muddraker. I’m a potential Physics/Public Policy major in the Class of 2023. In my spare time (when I have any), I read anything I can get my hands on. I’ve had a really good time working on the new website so far and I hope you all enjoy our content in its new format!

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