A Complete Guide to Libra Complex Snacks

By Crystal Yang

If you’ve ever gotten lost in the Libra Complex, you’ve probably wondered, “Will I ever find my way out?” You might have asked, “How will I survive? How long will I last? What will I eat?” Well, have no fear, for here is your guide to where you can acquire snacks to satiate your hunger and survive to see another day in the vast labyrinth that is the Libra Complex. Continue reading A Complete Guide to Libra Complex Snacks

The Village: Saying Goodbye to The Junction

One of our writers recently took a trip to The Junction, a restaurant in the Claremont Village where students, faculty, and staff would often go for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, between the time of his review article being written and right now, the restaurant closed down. So we have posted the review here as an encouragement to go explore new places and new restaurants, since you never know when they might close down. Continue reading The Village: Saying Goodbye to The Junction

Hoch Hacks

Bored with the Hoch food? Spice up your meals with these Hoch hacks: Make your own breakfast sandwich: toast a bagel or English muffin, and then add eggs, bacon, and sausage from the Grill Enjoy a delicious root beer float: put 2 or 3 scoops of your favorite ice cream in a green glass and top it off with root beer Crunch down on a quesadilla: on Taco Tuesday make a quesadilla on the panini press and enjoy with guacamole from the taco bar Chomp down on an ice cream cookie sandwich: put a scoop of ice cream between two … Continue reading Hoch Hacks