Humans of Mudd

Dear Mudd,

I was thinking of ways in which I could improve The Muddraker when I thought of creating a Humans of New York-style page for our school. In my mind, the page would profile people in our community to highlight individuals at Mudd. But I didn’t actually put my thoughts into action until I had a long conversation with a Hoch worker after deciding to eat brunch alone one Sunday, and realized that there were so many people with so many stories at Mudd that I needed to tell. Continue reading Humans of Mudd

Short History of Computer Science at HMC

Today, Computer Science is the second most popular major at Harvey Mudd College, boasting graduating classes of almost 80 students in fields that also include Math and Computational- Biology. These graduates go on to work for tech giants like Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn and Amazon and earn PhDs from prestigious universities like Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, MIT and Cornell. But it was not always this way. Continue reading Short History of Computer Science at HMC