Red Wine and His Hands

by Claire Boege

Victoria Oxley did not do what most famous women do when they catch their husbands cheating. She didn’t scream or confront him. She didn’t go to the tabloids or the news. She didn’t undergo a messy divorce or a messier reconciliation. At first, she did so little about it that her husband didn’t even know she had caught him.

But that was only at first. Continue reading Red Wine and His Hands

[Gray Buildings]

John looked up at the clock hanging next to him in his office cubicle. 6:30PM. Almost time to go home. Determination surged through him and he looked intently back at the papers on his desk. Only thirty more minutes, then it would be the weekend and some relief from this awful work. He started to read through the memo from his supervisor, but soon afterward grew tired. His gaze drifted away and he found himself looking out his window. In the world beyond his office, the sun had set and the city was cast in dark shadows. On the streets … Continue reading [Gray Buildings]

Bird Watching

December 02, 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C. The annual BirdWatch Conference at the nation’s capital ended on Wednesday with a climatic speech from Dr. Bob Reinser, a bird anatomist at the University of Pennsylvania. This year has been a remarkable year for ornithology and Dr. Reinser had presented one of the most exciting discoveries. The conference began with a special dinner on Monday night at the Rosen Center, where the scientists, sitting at round dinner tables, talked about their projects late into the night. “I had a fascinating conversation,” reflected Dr. A., “with Dr. C. about the plumage of the Trichoglossus … Continue reading Bird Watching