Meet the Classes of 2024 & 2025!

Hey Mudders! It’s Avani, Saya, and Shivani here.
We took a poll of the Class of 2024 and 2025 on the most important metrics — and we’re here to share those results from the 177 respondents.

What’s your personality?

The size of each acronym represents the proportion
of students who have each personality type, with INTJ being the highest. About 80% of us are introverts. No comment necessary.

Hogwarts Houses

Naturally, most of us are Ravenclaws (aka the best house). And unfortunately, we have a few Muggles, too.

How Tall Are You?

We’re a short school. Those two people taller than 6’3” are carrying us. Do you think nerds are shorter than average? Is that a thing?

How Do You Take Notes?

As avid Goodnotes enthusiasts, we were extremely disappointed that Notability beat out Goodnotes by 2% (but that means we have potential to catch up). Not gonna lie, we specifically scouted out people we know use Goodnotes to take our survey and we still lost smh…

Rice Purity Scores

Now, for the only section of the results people care about. The results supported our hypothesis — that North and West would be the least pure and that Sontag and East are the purest.

What do you think of the classes of 2024 and 2025? We should take this survey again in our senior years and see how the results change!

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