Hoch Hacks

By Ruby Foxall

Photos by Ruby Foxall, Shivani Manivasagan, and Shreya Balaji

Dirty Horchata

Vegetarian, lactose-free


  • Ice
  • Espresso
  • Horchata (rice milk & cinnamon drink)


  1. Get a Hoch cup (or takeout cup) and fill it about halfway with ice.
  2. Go to the coffee machine and add one shot of espresso (it will melt the ice, hence why you need a lot of ice).
  3. Walk yourself over to the little-used and underrated aguas frescas machine behind the swipe-in table. Fill the rest of the cup with horchata.
  4. Enjoy a nice caffeinated drink!

Sugar Bomb



  • Lucky Charms cereal
  • Chocolate milk


  1. Do it the right way. Put the cereal in the bowl first.
  2. THEN, chocolate milk. Grab two of the chocolate soy milk cartons if you’re boxing out.

IN-N-OUT Animal-Style Fries



  • French fries
  • Caramelized onions
  • Special sauce
  • Spices
  1. Get a nice plateful of whatever fries are at the Grill. Add some caramelized onions from the burger area at the Grill.
  2. 2. In the condiments area of the Grill, locate the fry sauce or special sauce or aioli or whatever you want to call ketchup and mayo mixed together. Drizzle it over your fries and onions.
  3. Bonus: Check out the spice rack and add something fun! Cayenne and seasoning salt are classics, or try adding zaatar for a Middle Eastern flavor.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese



  • Bread (sourdough recommended)
  • Cheese (Swiss and/or mozzarella recommended)
  • Pesto
  • Tomatoes
  • Mayo (optional)
  1. Check out the panini press at the salad bar!
  2. Grab two slices of bread (sourdough is a good option), one ortwo slices of cheese, and a tomato slice (or two, or three, or…). Spread pesto on one side of each bread slice, then put cheese on top. Layer the tomato slice(s) in between the cheese slice(s).
  3. Optional step: put a light layer of mayo on the outside of the bread to get a yummy buttery crust on the outside. If not using mayo, make sure to use the non-stick spray so your panini doesn’t get stuck.
  4. Press your panini! It takes a few minutes to get a golden outside and gooey cheesy inside.
  5. Bonus: dip your awesome grilled cheese in tomato basil soup from the other end of the salad bar!

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Add spices to everything! Try new spices! Fries are a good medium for checking out the flavor profile of a spice combo. The spice rack is located against the wall between Simple Servings and the plate return area.
  • If you got stir fry from Exhibition but want more sauce, add soy sauce or sriracha — you can find sauces at the little table between Veggie Valley and the salad bar! Conversely, if you’ve got too much sauce (or not enough rice), you can get white or brown rice at Veggie Valley to mix into your bowl.
  • That said, rice isn’t your only option when it comes to soaking up stir-fry juices or stews. Try another carb, like mashed potatoes or bread, to play with textures!
  • Eat more fruit! Try adding fruit to plain or strawberry yogurt from the salad bar or on top of a slice of cake or other dessert.
  • Use your flex (or an extra meal swipe) on Hoch breakfast! No lines, custom smoothies, crepes and omelets… an early bird’s paradise.

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