Get Some Corny in Your Diet: Puns for Everyone

What do computers do in the winter?



When do we get rain?

When the sky is feeling blue!


What did the tree say to the annoying squirrel?

LEAF me alone!


What did the bowling pin say to its bowling ball boyfriend?

You’re very STRIKING!


What did the paper say to the stapler?

Well you’ve got me in a BIND!


What did the mother say to her child with snow in his shoes?

You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your SOLE!


How do you convince people to eat breakfast?

You EGG them on!


What strategy do cow businessmen implement?

They MILK their resources!


What kind of clothing does coffee wear?

TEA shirts!


What musical instrument can you play underwater?

SEA bass!


What did the short circuit say to its burning wire?

I knew you couldn’t RESIST me!


What’s a mathematician’s favorite dessert?

PI a la MOD!


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