March Puzzles + Solutions

By Elizabeth Lucas-Foley, Marcos Acosta, and Noah Nevens

Annoying Sudoku

Not-So-Annoying Sudoku

Download the sudoku PDF file below!



1. Awful weather conditions + vicious snow monster
8. Input to a function (abbr.)
13. Acronym for a space program founded by Eisenhower but without the 3rd letter
14. XY
15. O3
16. Irish word for lake
18. Wulf
19. Lymph ___
20. Similar to walkie-talkies, often used as door phones (pl.)
22. Levels
23. ___ Moines
24. The IB program has two class levels: SL and ___
25. Universal standard for expressing text
26. Two (prefix)
28. Involved in ice hockey
30. Spanish for white
32. French for egg
34. To riches (sing.)
35. Chips, but mostly air
36. A type of factor
37. Hidden deep in this clue
38. Better Southern inner dorm
40. West motto
41. To partially burn
43. Popular British game show with Alan Davies
44. A chest of drawers
49. Company behind FIFA franchise
50. Batteries do this
53. Partially see-through
57. Something dedicated to Jay Wolkin ‘99
58. A special number for mathematicians
59. To lift
60. Right? (abbr.)
61. Pomona
62. Linde
63. Bird finger
64. Not in a rush


1. The only state of matter that fits here
2. Round pastry in pig latin
3. Violent anger
4. In Islam, the groom pays this to his newlywed
5. A blood clot or air bubble (pl.)
6. To swarm with something
7. Demonslayer character, wears a boar mask
8. Francis, from Argentina
9. Greek, meaning no life
10. Horse riding, but dangerous
11. A geek
12. Don’t kill the ___
17. The loneliest number (that you’ll ever do)
21. From Greek, pertaining to color
27. ___ and outs
29. Better Northern inner dorm
30. Cars have two of these
31. Local network
33. What you do to presents
34. A type of hall (no longer called a dorm)
35. Common ones are fire and carpenter
36. Dorm cuisine
38. North_____, University
39. MIT-made programming language
42. Fables
45. Something special (abbr.)
46. Main form of communication on campus
47. A type of mode
48. Location in a hospital
51. Gorillaz song, “Feel Good _____”
52. One of the three forms of appeal
54. California valley
55. Having the means to do something
56. A type of number

Download the crossword PDF file below!

Annoying Sudoku Solution

Not-So-Annoying Sudoku Solution

Crossword Solution

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