December Puzzles + Solutions

By Elizabeth Lucas-Foley and Elise Meike


Download the crossword PDF below!


1 Pro sports league in U.S. and Canada
4 Scream of dismay
11 Rises when baked
14 Moscow man
15 Astronomer Brahe
16 Petroleum; antonym of from; visibility, briefly
17 What you are looking at, with “the”
29 Retired Idahoan track athlete Nicholas
23 Depend
26 Ahead of one’s time
29 “It’s Saturday night!”
30 Site of Paint, familiarly
31 Toronto FC plays in it
33 List of nums.
34 One new to gaming
36 Tissue between citrus fruit and skin
38 Collection
41 Sardonic
42 Holder for arrows
46 Archaic English letter
47 Length, as __ the rhino, Robespierre
50 Excelled
52 What Flat-Earthers deny
53 Preventer of roof-climbing at Mudd?
57 Some words for a small collection
58 After midnight
63 Dessert with cookies and cream
64 Rapper who performed “Just A Dream”
65 See PROFile
66 Mauna


1 Renowned newspaper company, for short
2 Greeting
3 Mudd gym
4 In the middle of
5 Anagram of liar
6 “-boy!”
7 Understand
8 Book by Lowry, with “the”
9 Female in line for the throne
10 Tag variant with socks
12 Sound in a library
13 Word with due or do
14 Zach who teaches a Gold class
18 Like a simple distribution
19 FCH2CO2Na
20 With Nori: board game with sticks
21 Abbr. for a high point
22 High speed particle
24 Equals 1
25 Airport in Quebec
27 Small evil fairy
28 Excluded
32 Fish from which caviar is produced
35 “Later!”
37 Bile, to Diego
38 Body of water
39 Electron Transport Chain, for short (or wi-fi network Claremont-)
40 “He’s _ Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs”
43 NRG is to energy as is to video
44 and flow
45 Fermented drink
48 “Air Traffic Cont., in other words”
49 Glimmered
51 Long rod
54 Secluded corner
55 “_ upon a time”
56 500 sheets
57 Thingamajig on a keychain
59 Abbr. for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and others
60 Big deer
61 Fermented drink
62 Artist who recorded Fear of Flying


Download the kenken PDF below!

Crossword Solution

KenKen Solution

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