February Horoscopes

Aries: You are a fast, energetic, and adventurous sign, Aries, but change things up a little bit this month and try something new: take things a little slow. Enjoy the little moments with your loved ones rather than feeling the need to make them happen. Maybe try visiting the Scripps pool to experience a resort-type vibe? Next month will be all the better because of it.

Taurus: Your finances will be in a pinch this month, so maybe scratch the fancy dinner and a movie date-night and opt for a more deep-seated (and cheaper) date idea to get to know each other on a more personal level. The ones that are really worth keeping will see beyond a superficial date and garish gifts.

Gemini: You’re really great with getting dates, Gemini, but maybe not so great with keeping them long-term if that’s your motive? Make it a goal to put others before yourself this month, and your luck in love will turn in exactly the direction you hope it will.

Cancer: You’ve been going through some rough times, emotionally, lately. Core and/or lab has been really putting a dampener on your social life. Even though it’s hard, take the opportunity to really confide in the ones you love this month. Be 100% honest and leave nothing unsaid. It will probably clear some things up between you and your loved ones, and it will make all of your relationships stronger because of it!

Leo: The start of the year has been an exciting one for you, Leo. Keep the ball rolling in your love life this February by doing something crazy or trying something new! You’ll never know what you’ll discover about yourself (or who you’ll meet) along the way… Feeling like pucking fomona? Do it! Whatever that epiphany is this month, it will be life-changing.

Virgo: January was a bit of a drag for you, Virgo. Get out of your shell before the end of the month! Let lose just one night, and you will find yourself in a great place for the rest of the year. Take the opportunity this February to indulge in some self-loving. Treat yo’ self: take a spa trip, a hiking trip, a trip to the Starbucks for that drink you don’t want people to judge you for ordering, or a trip to Scripps’ campus (it’s basically a resort)!

Libra: You’re a “people person,” Libra, so take this opportunity to step back and do a little self-reflection of your life. Make sure you want what you have, and if you don’t, don’t be afraid to change it! Go to that party or stay in for a weekend! Maybe find a new interesting hobby at the hobby store down the road, find somewhere to volunteer – the options are limitless!

Scorpio: You are a fiery, passionate sign. Not even the E80s can hold you back from going out on the weekend. February is your month. Don’t be afraid to spice up your love life (just make sure your partner(s) are ok with it too). There are plenty of stores in the Claremont area that can help with that, if you so choose.

Sagittarius: Be wary this February. Your characteristically-good nature may attract the wrong kind of people to your party. Don’t be afraid to make new friends, but definitely keep your current ones close and in-the-loop.

Capricorn: Do something a little…different… this month. Don’t let fear of the future get in the way of something fun you want to do right now. You love planning, Capricorn, but save that for next month. This month is the time to live IN THE MOMENT. The universe will thank you for it.

Aquarius: JUST DO IT!!!! Tell them/him/her what you’ve been wanting to get off your chest for so long. As a side note, though, also make sure to remind the ones you care about how much they each mean to you this month.

Pisces: Be strong. This month will prove a difficult one for you, but you’ll make it out easy-peasy. Confide in your friends and you’ll have the best of luck next month.

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