Hoch Hacks!

Get reacquainted with your childhood through this Hoch-inspired rendition of an iconic frozen treat.

Ice Cream Shan-wich


  • Bread: The Hoch carries a basic selection of breads to choose from. I personally prefer sourdough, as it counters the sweetness of the ice cream. You can toast your bread if you’d like.
  • Ice Cream: I recommend scooping a little bit of both flavors and putting them on blind date. Mango sorbet and mint chip? An instant classic. Espresso chip and green tea? A match made in heaven.
  • Accompaniment: There are a multitude of ways to spice up your sandwich. Strawberry jam provides a great compliment to strawberry ice cream. Chocolate sprinkles and peanuts enhance the texture profile. If you feel health-conscious, a few leafs of spinach can’t hurt. Other examples of recommended accompaniments include chocolate syrup, yogurt, and bacon.


  1. Grab two pieces of bread.
  2. On each open face, apply your accompaniments.
  3. Scoop ice cream on top of accompaniments.
  4. Complete the sandwich by bonding the open faces.
  5. Enjoy.

Tips and Warnings

  • Your friends will judge you mercilessly.
  • Avoid melted ice cream.
  • College is a place for experimentation. No cookies allowed.
  • Fun fact: Frary and Malott dining halls have packaged ice cream sandwiches.
  • I advise against using the Hoch’s frozen yogurt. This is where experimentation becomes sacrilege.

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