Muddraker April Fools’ Edition!

Happy April Fools! In the spirit of the holiday, The Muddraker has decided to publish a special edition of our newspaper, the first April Fools’ Muddraker to ever be published (as far as we know of).

In this issue, you’ll find some hot takes on topics as varied as the trials and tribulations of the narcissist community (pg. 4), Mudd’s need for toxicity (pg. 5), and Disney’s newest hit “Zombies 3” (pg. 8). Also, check out some (objectively correct) rankings of campus life, including creative choices for study spots (pg. 2) and underrated toilets around the 7Cs (pg. 3). But don’t take these recommendations too seriously!

While reading, keep an eye out for hints of artificial intelligence. One of this issue’s articles was penned with the help of everyone’s favorite new chatbot, ChatGPT. At the end of the issue, we’ll be asking for your take on which article is the odd one out.

We hope this issue makes you laugh, and happy pranking!

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