Spotlight on Student Art: Waverly Wang: Drawing ii

“Prismacolor” is part of a triptych of self-portraits that I made in my Drawing II: Representation course. We were told to make a work inspired by a conventional representation of the body. The inspiration for my self-portraits was magazine cover photoshoots. In particular, I was interested in how stylists and costume designers transform the model they are photographing into someone almost unrecognizable. I imitated the centered composition of magazine covers and tried to focus on making myself look unrecognizable, important, and iconic.

“Into Character” is another piece from my Drawing II course where we had to do a piece based on performance art. I was inspired by actors and how they get into character. As a reference, I used my favorite actor Freddy Carter, who portrays Kaz Brekker in the show “Shadow and Bone.” In particular, I was interested in exploring how Carter is a friendly person in real life but portrays a darker, more villainous character onscreen. At first, I was only going to have two colors as a metaphor for that metamorphosis, but later, I decided to include a mixture of many colors to show how actors create complex characters by taking apart multiple sides of themselves and slamming them into one.

“Movement” is a piece I did during a live drawing session of a moving figure in my Drawing II course.

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