Crossword: Name Tags

By Nathan Haswgawa


1 Take a wrong step and get grounded for it?
5 Sand on a golf course
9 Rounded platelet lump
13 Who has thrown more NFL touchdowns than Tom Brady
14 Ambience
15 Verdi opera
16 *Sweetener used in some frosh chem labs?
18 Hawaiian garlands
19 Its fourth derivative is itself
20 Getting struck by lightning, some say
22 Taunt… or, phonetically, the first and last letters of “taunt”
25 With 1-Down, “The Shape of Water” director Guillermo
26 Book before 1 Samuel
29 *Debugging techniques sometimes used in Computability & Logic?
34 Arkansas governor Hutchinson
35 Cook
36 White-plumed bird
37 Where you might find Hurricanes and Lightning?
38 “Raggedy” doll
39 Mail company with brown trucks
41 Took the bait?
42 Benjamin Franklin, religiously
44 “Quiet!”
46 Actor and stuntman Cruise
47 *Umbilical used in some E79 practicums?
49 Second digit before a decimal point
50 Hubbub
51 Thanks: Fr.
53 Where college students pledge 57 Revise together
61 Centers of attention
62 Stan Lee character created in 1963… or a hint to the structure of the starred clues
65 End of a blessing
66 Bottom of a unicycle
67 Yank
68 “Titanic” obstacle, for short
69 Slow-cooked dish
70 Imitates


1 See 25-Across
2 Australian bouncers?
3 Close to, as friends
4 Cylindrical pasta shape
5 Symbol of torque
6 Floor cover
7 Riyadh resident, e.g.
8 Procession on the street
9 Cell phone history
10 Place
11 As a Keats poem
12 To-do list entry
13 “Saturday Night Live” network
17 One of 48 for “Saturday Night Live”
21 Hate with passion
23 A haiku only has one
24 Greek goddess of the dawn
26 Marvin Gaye’s genre
27 “Yeah!” singer
28 Actress Shire
30 List with an undetermined number of elements
31 What politicians and pastors do
32 Reveal
33 E79, informally
35 Like gory movies, maybe
40 What an arrow might do to a target
43 Popular activity on wheels
45 Its slogan is “Think”
48 Assimilates one’s opposition 49 Keeps occupied
52 ___ Mesa, Calif.
53 Gymgoer’s concern
54 City home to a pasta-themed museum
55 Taiwanese laptop brand
56 First semester frosh course, informally
58 Meme that became the namesake for a popular cryptocurrency
59 Some retirement savings accounts
60 Common file extension in computer science courses
63 Valuable you might find at rock bottom?
64 Not a lot

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