Marching Band Crossword

by Kishore Rajesh


Each row has two words next to each other. Clues in each row are shown in consecutive order and fill the entire row. Additionally, there are groups of words arranged in the “bands” around the grid. Clues in each band are shown in order and travel clockwise around the band with that letter.


A. Location / Ark / Like Trojan Horse / Recent / Measure of income, demographics, experience (abbr) / One of the four corner states (abbr) / Bear home / Difficult and monotonous habit to break / Author of “Heart of Darkness” / Repeated cry / Gym results / Prejudice

B. 100 / Roman Demeter / Potential Energy / Woman Guardian / French Wolf / No difficulty / Germanic letter / Russian Ruler / Fading / Short Drink / Berries and Cream Little ___

C. Diary, for example / Canadian singer with the fourth most disliked youtube video / Author-created persona (sometimes in fanfiction) (abbr) / Hair-like organelles / Trig Function / Grassy ___ / NASA expedition (abbr)

D. Pen Brand / Pro Opposite / Delta Upsilon / Friction Coefficient / Calculator nspire / iOS Big __ / Be swarming with / FIFA Company / Pixar short made by creator of Turning Red

E. Prefix meaning bad / Shortened form of biannual athletic contest / Heart section / ___ dew (abbr) / Minnesota supposedly has 10000 of them (abbr)

F. Residential End of Mudd or a popular Halsey song


  1. Medicine that doesn’t do anything but works / Machine with pulleys
  2. S in STEM / A place to showcase internships and research
  3. Formally end (a meeting) / Setting of the Fable video game series
  4. Shakespeare’s Pentameter / Explicitly be against
  5. A butcher’s knife post-usage / Property of salts with Group I metals, Nitrate ions, etc
  6. Illegal Bar popular in the prohibition era / What a tabby might do to get attention
  7. What Jack was when he went over the candlestick / Bull horoscope
  8. Puerto Rico, Madagascar, or Nauru, for one / H-2 to H-1, for example
  9. The little plastic bit at the end of a shoelace / Objects reduced in Math 73
  10. Gnot a gnoblin / Relating to the predecessor to Rome
  11. What Snowball or Porky might do / Red Scare worry
  12. The result if one of Hercules’ enemies duplicated bodies and heads / A professor with a permanent post
  13. Conifer mainly in the Mediterranean and Himalayas / Musical composition inspired by the night

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