November Crossword – Mudd Buildings

by Kishore Rajesh

4Mudd Building
8Stoichiometric Measurement
13A place to find minerals
14Western necktie consisting of a cord and a clasp
15Skeletal Element of Sea Animal (anagram of CREELS)
16Sheet for animation (abbr)
17“Somebody once ___ me”
18Op 84 of Beethoven (anagram of MONGET)
19Glottal Stop in Arabic
21P in MPH
22New York Art Building
23Old Dinosaurs?
25Al, George’s opponent
26Wedding vow (2 words)
27Mudd Building
30___ Z, or Zoomers
32Prefix for earth-saving devices
33A Gaul or a Briton, for example
34Beginning of something
37Shopping rides for children
40Drowned river valley
42Remove stitches, maybe
43Orly from Ace Attorney
45Before, poetically
46Female sheep
47A cold camper: “I ____ ____”
50Extraterrestrial Ship
52Online Sibling, maybe, or a Rapper with a fake feud with Charlemagne da God
54MA Alcohol Brand alluded to in Hamilton (abbr)
55Tree liquid
56First name of alias of “Chocolate Rain” creator
57If Sacha Baron Cohen traded a T for a K
61Odd, in a sense
63Season of tricking
66What a Barcelona resident might say to get your attention
67Pikachu Illustrator Card, for example
68Plant gel
69Short period of time (abbr.)
70Mudd Building
71Picobot in an empty field
72Classical MAP Kinases (abbr)
1Mudd Building
2L x W
3Steering wheel at front of the ship
5British Toilet
7Silent Approval
8Mudd Building
9Species of amphibian
10Town in Mass
11Gained (Misspelled)
12int a=3; in java means integer a is ______ 3 (2 words)
20Unseeable part of galaxy (abbr)
21Toll for medieval era bridges
24Mudd Building
25Mudd Building
27What one does to a QR code
28A clichéd western
29Colony of water birds
31Bambi’s Aunt
32Pirate competitor of UNC
35How a Dublin resident would refer to their country
36Walking digit
38Specialist mage in D&D with control of wind, fire, earth, and air (abbr)
39Full of saccharine
44Unwanted on computers
48Aesop’s stories
49Type of entrepreneur (abbr)
50Pull a William the Conqueror
51Beacon on lighthouse of Alexandria, perhaps
53Netherlands town, or short of jokes?
58Thorny bush
59The day before mañana
60Mudd Building
63Cooler papparazzi
64Pub’s liquid
65The mariana trench compared to Everest

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