Spring Fashion

By Mavis Stone

It’s nearing Spring, and you know what that means; it’s time to swap out your wardrobe and wave goodbye to good ol’ sweater weather! Below, you can find some feminine, masculine, and androgynous styles that I’ve personally taken a liking to. Some may be a bit familiar, while others may be new to you; nevertheless, I hope you find something that you’d consider adding to your current spring wardrobe!

Pictured: Devon Overbey, HMC23

Featured by Devon Overbey:

  • Rainbow Vans
  • Electric pin straight legged pants

(Before I begin, I’d like to note that this appraisal of Devon’s style is long overdue.) For those of you who don’t know, I am a very large fan of socks…and Devon always has the snazziest socks! If you’re willing to become a sock fanati-er, I mean, fan, as well, then you should check out the Birkenstock shop in the Village! It’s a little pricey, but they have good designs! Another good place to check out would be Nordstrom’s (men’s department). If you’re not into snazzy designs, then try snazzy patterns! Uniqlo has some neat knitted socks that I’ve nicknamed “Waffles”. Go check ‘em out!

Pictured: Celine Wang, HMC‘23

Featured by Celine:

  • White Scrunch Tank Top (Brandy Melville)
  • Striped Miniskirt (Brandy Melville)
  • Adidas Superstar Shoes

If you’re really looking for something new this season, then try out a textured look! Whether it be a scrunch tank top (like Celine’s white scrunch tank featured here), or a pleated skirt, it will add more dynamism to your look. If you’re someone who doesn’t normally wear tank tops, then I would suggest looking into muscle tanks — particularly striped or block colored ones. Muscle tanks look cute when paired with rompers, overalls, or wide-legged drawstring pants. If miniskirts don’t normally work out for you, then definitely try out rompers or overalls! I’m very picky when it comes to rompers; oftentimes I purchase them from Amazon or Old Navy. I personally like Old Navy because they have really nice color palettes — particularly their washed out and Earthy ones. If you like this look in particular, then I’d suggest looking at Brandy Melville. They have a lot of aesthetic patterns, including checkered, floral, and — yes, you’ve guessed it — pleated! Don’t forget about that texture, ya’ll (;

Pictured from left to right: Justin Yeh, HMC‘23 and Christopher Chung, PO‘22

Featured by Justin:

  • Black Champion Tee
  • Under Armour Windbreaker 
  • Distressed Jeans (Pacsun)
  • Black Old Skool Vans

Featured by Christopher:

  • Baggy Sweater (Zara)
  • Dad Jeans (American Eagle)
  • White Puma sneakers

Since Spring can be a fairly warm season down here in SoCal, a light jacket like a windbreaker could be a nice addition to your outfit! Wearing block colors with a stylized windbreaker can bring your look to an immediate 10/10. Contrast always adds a nice touch as well. If you’re going to try this look, then I’d suggest wearing either black or light wash skinny/cuffed boyfriend jeans. Last but not least: I’ve always found baggy tops to be cute with loose-fit jeans, especially when tucked in. It’s a year round look that goes well with ribbed crew socks and wide belts as well. If you want to try the baggy look, then I’d suggest looking for wide-legged/mom/boyfriend/dad jeans at Pacsun, Uniqlo, or American Eagle. I personally dislike Hollister jeans because the waist is always too large for me (it’s complicated). Out of all the jeans I’ve worn in my entire life, I’d say that Uniqlo jeans have been the best by far. They’re really comfortable and the waist and leg length always fit me perfectly!

Pictured: Sonya Hadley, SC‘23

I dislike fashion norms. “It’s springtime! Don’t wear dark colors!” “It’s winter time! Why are you wearing orange…?” Lads. Don’t let the fashion norms control you; rather, influence them! Inspire them! Wear what you want to wear, no matter the time of the year (as long as you don’t put your body temperature at risk…?). Are you willing to defy the times? GREAT! Because there’s a lot of neat fashion potential here. Denim jackets have always been super cute, but what’s even more cute are oversized denim jackets. There’s a vast array of them: black, medium wash, distressed…the list goes on! If you want to pick up a denim jacket this season, then I would suggest pairing them with a dress; sweater (on cold days, of course); or a loose, patterned spaghetti tank top. Affordable baggy denim jackets can be hard to find, but I’ve found thrift shops to be fairly promising in this realm. I’d suggest looking at Forever 21 as well. If denim jackets don’t interest you, then you should look into kimonos or bomber jackets. Kimonos look cute with nearly anything — especially shorts! — and bomber jackets tend to go well with ribbed crop tops. Rather than the usual black bomber jacket, I’d suggest looking for one with a neat design on the back. I personally don’t like flashy clothing, but bomber jackets are most definitely an exception to this. 

Like many other things in daily life, there are indeed sustainable options when it comes to your wardrobe! Consider thrift shopping, using a drying rack instead of the dryer, and not immediately placing your clothes into the dirty basket.

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