Relaxation Ritual

Photo Creds: Tiffany Madruga & Rachel Schibler

CMS football players share the pregame music that gets them in the zone (Spotify playlist linked below)

For some athletes, time spent in the locker room before a big game is dedicated to getting hyped. However, CMS football player Garrett Cheadle ‘20 spends that time listening to music that calms him down, such as John Mayer and Zac Brown Band.

“I listen to really relaxing music,” Cheadle said. “I focus on what I’m supposed to do during the game, and I try to get in the zone where I don’t hype myself out.”

Cheadle’s teammate Jonah Cartwright ‘20 also says that calming music prepares him for optimal game performance.

Unlike Cheadle, however, Cartwright listens to mostly country music before games.

Although Cheadle and Cartwright recommend mostly relaxing pregame music, some of their teammates prefer pump-up music.

Check out The Muddraker’s “Pre-Game Ritual” playlist on Spotify to listen to the top pregame music picked by Mudd’s finest football players in honor of this season’s first home game. 

The first home game for the Stags football team is at one p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 16 against Washington and Lee.

“I hope all our home fans can see all the hard work we put in this summer,” Cartwright said. “Also, I’m hoping the offense plays better in this game than we did last year.”

Music Picks:
On Top by Flume: Nick Gott ’18
Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold: Owen Morrison ’18
I Just Wanna Party by YG: Brenden Brown ’19
House Party by Sam Hunt: Jonah Cartwright ’20
Gravity by John Mayer: Garrett Cheadle ’20
Run Free by Deep Chills: Kanoa Gilliland ’20
Going the Distance by Bill Conti: Kevin Shoyer ’20
Piano Man by Billy Joel: Michael Streinz ’20
Lawn Chair by Kota the Friend, Hoodie by Hey Violet: Maurice Landers ’21
FML by Kanye West, 7am by Lil Uzi Vert: Sam Ness ’21

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