Office of Institutional Diversity Finds New Space

What is new to Mudd, programs, and stays in Platt 24/7? No, not the freshman class, it’s the new Office of Institutional Diversity space!

Harvey Mudd College’s Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) has recently been relocated to a new area of Platt Campus Center. Moving out of a small, one room space and into a much larger four room space has enabled OID to increase their programming, hold more intimate conversations with students, and have a larger presence in the Mudd community.

“We’ve been needing more space ever since we got [to Mudd]” said Angelica Ibarra, Assistant Dean for Institutional Diversity. “The new space is definitely a result of the President’s Cabinet’s commitment to diversity.”

The OID has worked to ensure that their new space is welcoming and inviting to any and all students. Residing along the back wall of Platt, it is definitely noticed by students. 

“We instruct our student interns to offer a drink and be friendly,” said Ibarra. “I want everyone to realize that everyone is welcome here.”

Right now, the interns are conducting miniature tours of the new space for anyone interested.

The office space consists of a large community area, with complete after-hours access for student organizations and clubs that would like to utilize the space. This large lounge-like area is surrounded on either side by offices for Ibarra, Dean Sumun Pendukar, and a third for Jen Rodil, a Graduate Assistant.

When the space was first proposed to students, some students voiced concerns about study space being removed. The entire carpeted area in the rear area of Platt is now fully used by offices and no longer has large study tables surrounded by the mobile white boards. The addition of the offices allowed the space in Platt to be optimized and now supports more collaboration by bringing to use smaller tables that are meant to be more mobile than the larger tables. In addition, OID’s old office is now a study space with massage chairs.

“Many students are already using the the OID Center between classes as a place to study, socialize, or just hang out,” said Ibarra. “It’s great!”

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