Renovation and Construction

What is new to Mudd, loud, and saps resources? No, not the freshman class, I’m talking about the new dorm!

If you’re living on the east side of Sontag, the West side of Linde, or the North side of Case, you may know what I’m talking about. You are probably reminded that you are living next to a construction site every day at seven in the morning by the sound of heavy machinery and boulders being dropped into dump trucks. On the bright side, I have not needed to set alarms because my room shakes every morning (except Sunday, but that’s when you’re supposed to sleep in).

The walls are going up!
The walls are going up!

Construction began on the dorm midway through this past summer, and it is scheduled to open for students next fall. It will be three floors and a mix of suite-style and hallway-style living spaces. Toward the end of this semester, the contractor will build a mock-up of a room in Platt for students to reconfigure and comment on the proposed furniture. While the mock-up is up, the notion of “sleeping in Platt” may have a whole new meaning.

The new dorm is exciting, but it is not the only thing changing on campus. Students returning this fall may have been surprised to walk into Parsons (Mudd’s Engineering and Humanities building) to find brightly painted walls, fresh carpet, a cool lounge space, and amazing Engineering Clinic rooms. The three-floor renovation has shuffled around professors’ offices, taking advantage of the space vacated after the Math Department moved to the new Shanahan building last year.

The bright Engineering Clinic lounge.
The bright Engineering Clinic lounge.

Perhaps the most dramatic transformation took place in the basement, where the Engineering Department was allowed to move into the space previously occupied by Communications (who moved to Kingston). This space has been renovated to include brand new electronics labs, pristeen Clinic areas, and several maker spaces (common areas for students to work on projects). Each Clinic room is complete with large white boards and clear glass walls and doors perfect for writing on with dry erase markers. The space also has a small kitchen, lounge, and more conference rooms.

To find out more about what the college’s plans for growth are, check out


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