Top Toilets

By Hannah Larson & Rachel Schibler

In the 3.75 years that we have been at Harvey Mudd, a lot has changed and many things have gone in surprising and unexpected ways. The one thing we can always rely on is our need to use the bathroom and our desire to write an article sharing our knowledge of porcelain thrones with the rest of the Mudd community. As we graduate from Mudd, so too will these bathrooms*, and we would like to honor those friends and toilets that have always been there for us by granting them senior superlatives. Continue reading Top Toilets

Sustainable Partnerships

By Skylar Gering

Students and staff at Harvey Mudd are working hard to bring sustainable practices to campus. ASHMC Sustainability and Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) have begun partnering with the offices of Division of Student Affairs (DSA), Facilities and Maintenance (F&M), and Dining Services to run events and projects relating to sustainability. Continue reading Sustainable Partnerships

From the 7C Claremont Mental Health Initiative

The 7C Claremont Mental Health Initiative is a student-led initiative working to improve access to and start conversations about mental health services at the Claremont Colleges. This semester, with support from Monsour and the 7C Deans, we are distributing a survey to 7C students regarding perceptions of mental health resources, primarily focusing on Monsour. Continue reading From the 7C Claremont Mental Health Initiative

A Complete Guide to Libra Complex Snacks

By Crystal Yang

If you’ve ever gotten lost in the Libra Complex, you’ve probably wondered, “Will I ever find my way out?” You might have asked, “How will I survive? How long will I last? What will I eat?” Well, have no fear, for here is your guide to where you can acquire snacks to satiate your hunger and survive to see another day in the vast labyrinth that is the Libra Complex. Continue reading A Complete Guide to Libra Complex Snacks