OpenLoop Pod: Now Under Construction

During the last weekend in January, Mudd’s Hyperloop team traveled to Design Weekend in Texas to present their designs for a Hyperloop pod. The Hyperloop is a proposed high-speed ground transportation system, and students from universities all over the country are participating in SpaceX’s competition to design a pod that can safely be used in such a system. Mudd students Teresa Despres, Alex Goldstein, Hamza Khan, Chris Kotcherha, Jessica Lupanow, Patrick McKeen, Jeewan Naik, Adam Shaw, Insung Song, and Hannah Zosman, in conjunction with students from five other universities, form the team OpenLoop. They worked all first semester to design a pod … Continue reading OpenLoop Pod: Now Under Construction

Adventure Time: Mudd’s First-Ever Orientation Adventures

Many upperclassmen at Mudd fondly recall their Pre-Orientation backpacking trips, reflecting on the many miles they traversed, the colds nights under the stars, and, most importantly, the bonds they formed with their new classmates. Unfortunately, a majority of upperclassmen did not have the opportunity to participate in this trip. However, all the students in the Class of 2019 have memories of their Orientation Adventures–two-day excursions during New Student Orientation that could take the first-years anywhere, from the beach to Six Flags to the wilderness. Each OA trip consisted of 10 to 15 new students, 2 upperclassman leaders, and 1 faculty member. First-year Ben Iten … Continue reading Adventure Time: Mudd’s First-Ever Orientation Adventures